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Mountains in the Rearview Mirror: albuquerque photographer

As I was driving to my last location of the day, I got stuck in traffic. Nothing earthshaking, but enough to put my car at a standstill. As I was waiting, I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw the Sandia Mountains staring back. A storm was rolling in at the time (it’s here now-as I type this I can hear the rain on my roof) and the clouds were hovering over the top of the mountain. And I thought, not for the first time, how darn fortunate I am to live here. And to work here-to photograph families and weddings and high school seniors with blue skies overhead, majestic mountains to the east and brilliant sunsets to the west.

I’m not really sure who coined the phrase “The Land of Enchantment,” but man, did they get it right, because New Mexico, you’re  pretty wonderful.


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13 Rules For Surviving Halloween Night: albuquerque photographer

My wife is a big fan of horror/thriller type movies. She drags me to them, and I usually leave asking her the same thing, “You REALLY liked that?” But I think all her scary movie experience has finally come in handy, as she just made a list of 13 Rules for Surviving Halloween Night. Again, I’m not a scary movie guy, but  I don’t think I can argue with any of these.



1. Never be home alone in just your underwear. 
2. Never say, “Hey, everyone, let’s split up.”
3. If you are running from something, know that you WILL trip and fall onto the ground. Do not lay there screaming-get up and RUN! This only applies to women. 
4. If you are in danger, don’t rely on your car starting. It won’t work.
5. Same goes double for your phone.
6. And light switches.
7. Do not rely on the athlete in your group to save you; stick with the geek. 
8. Do not shower.
9. Realize that NO ONE will be home in your neighborhood, so running from house to house pounding on doors for help will do you no good. 
10. The first time someone startles you, it will be a friend pulling a prank. The second time, it’s a monster. Know this. 
11. When you’ve dispatched the monster, you will feel the need to dramatically drop the weapon you were holding. Never do this. He’s not dead. 
12. Do not look into a mirror. 
13. You will hear a strange sound and want to investigate. It will usually be coming from a shadowy place in the yard, your attic or a basement. Resist the urge, especially if you didn’t listen to Rule #1. 

When the Skies Over New Mexico Show Off: albuquerque photographer

I was scheduled to ride the tram up the mountain for a senior session tonight, but unfortunately, the mountains were covered in clouds, which meant the top would be gray with no chance of a sunset. Since my senior really wanted to be on top of the mountain for his session, we rescheduled. As I left the studio, however, I had to pull the car over, for although the top of the Sandias were covered in clouds, there was quite a show going on down below.

I love it when our skies show off.

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The Chile Ristra: albuquerque photographer

I read somewhere that the invention of the New Mexican chile ristra came about like most inventions-out of necessity. To preserve these glorious red chiles, they were originally spread out on rooftops and over the ground to allow the sun to dry them out. But, as anyone who has left fresh fruit on the ground can tell you, little critters can easily contaminate them. So, the tradition began of tying them together to form long clusters, which were then hung on porches and porticos, and even fences, to dry. Today in New Mexico, when you see those chile ristras appear, you know Fall is right behind them.

I don’t know for sure how you make them; I’ve never tried, but I’d like to thank the New Mexican who first came up with the idea, because although they are practical and traditional, those long bursts of brilliant red make one heck of a gorgeous prop.

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Do you Take this Woman to Laugh and to Love?: albuquerque photographer

Love is that wonderful thing that can make us feel all sorts of things-things we’d never thought possible before. It can set our hearts soaring or drop them to the lowest low. It can make us nervous and anxious and exhilarated and sometimes, even, nauseous.

It’s a lot like a ride at Six-Flags, actually.

But when you find someone you can laugh with AND love with, there is no other way to feel but Happy.


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