Adjust Your Eyes: albuquerque photographer

I moved to New Mexico with my family when I was just a kid in middle school. Up until that time, I had lived in Michigan, right around Bay City, in a tiny town called Linwood. I grew up in farm country and there was color…everywhere! From the blue of the Great Lakes to the emerald fields filled with deep green, to the trees and flowers that surrounded us. When we moved to New Mexico, the land was kind of a shock. As a kid, I felt it was nothing but brown…everywhere.

But as I grew, I realized how wrong I was. You know when you come into a darkened room and it takes awhile for your eyes to adjust? That was me. As soon as my eyes adjusted to their surroundings, the color started appearing…and it hasn’t stopped

On our recent visit to White Sands, we’d been given special permission to enter the park early to photograph the sunrise. It was cold-really cold, but it didn’t matter. The sun put on quite a show, turning the sky every color of blue- from periwinkle to turquoise to royal. Breathtaking, really.

And as I stood under that sky, I realized once again that our precious Land of Enchantment holds color enough for everyone-you just have to give your eyes time to adjust.

Ribbons of Color-Frank Frost @2011

Welcoming the Morning-Frank Frost@2011

Sand and Sky-Frank Frost@2011

Sky Salutation-Frank Frost@2011