A Man, a Woman, and a Gas Station: albuquerque family photographer

In 1926, the Whiting Bros. opened a chain of full service gas stations, originating in Arizona and eventually stretching along Route 66, from Texas to California. Their trademark yellow sign with red letters became a staple for those traveling the road.

A man named Sal began working at Whiting Bros in Texas in 1965, and, four years later, found himself in Moriarty, NM, still working under that yellow sign. He lived in a home behind the station with his wife, Inez and three children, and then, in 1985, he and Inez purchased that same Whiting Bros gas station.

Fast forward to 2013.

That Whiting Bros. station still stands in Moriarty, lining historic Route 66. It is special, and not just because of its wonderful owners, but because it is the last one-the very last Whiting Bros. gas station left.  It is still owned by Sal and Inez, and while that sign needs repairs, it stands as proudly as its owners.

It’s pretty cool when you get to photograph history and the people who make it.

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