A Full Moon: albuquerque photographer

Sunday was a day full of shooting, starting in the morning and ending only when the last drop of light had left the sky. I was fortunate to be up in the mountains, at about 8500 feet, and the day was nothing short of brilliant-everything a spring day should be. As I was driving home in the dark, I noticed an eerie glow between the trees that grew brighter by the second. I pulled my truck over and thought how amazing it would be if it was a UFO. And then I thought I would have no idea what to do if it was a UFO. (Clearly, I have watched one too many X-Files episodes.) Within seconds I realized it was, indeed, a close encounter…with a huge full moon.

At 8500 feet, it was so close I felt I could reach out and touch it.

Full Moon in the Mountains-Frank Frost ©2011