A Christmas Story: albuquerque photographer

A Christmas Story:

Once upon a time, there was a photographer who loved many things: his family, his country, green chile and the mountains: both the “Dew” and large rock varieties.

But one of the things this photographer liked best of all was the people he photographed. He tried not to say it too much, because he knows anything said over and over can appear cheesy, or even worse, insincere, so he tried to hold it in as best as possible.

But on Christmas Eve, he had a really really hard time keeping it to himself. Maybe it was all the Christmas lights, or the carols, or the fact that the night before Christmas is magical. He didn’t know the reason, but he didn’t care, because his heart was full of thankfulness and gratitude for every single person that trusted him with their smile. So, he went on to Facebook and posted a simple “A Very Merry Christmas to You All-With A Heart Full of Thanks” and hoped that his clients and his friends could read in those few lines what they mean to him.

The End

(PS: This is a true story; I happen to know this photographer well. )

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