Our dearest Madi girl,

Fourteen years ago, we held you in our arms for the very first time. It was the only birth your grandmother ever witnessed and as she loved to say, “You unfolded your arms and it was like watching an angel being born.” That first year was tough; you suffered from colic, which meant we all suffered from colic. *grin* You had food allergies-we switched you to soy; metal allergies-we covered every piece of metal that touched you with fabric tape. As your dad would say, you were trouble, but then nothing worthwhile isn’t hard.

We watched you grow from the shy little girl who would burrow her head into her mom’s chest, to the 2nd grader who dazzled the crowd with her performance of “I Enjoy Being a Girl,” to a performer we have to practically drag off the stage. You are the best daughter two people could ever hope to have and you have filled these past fourteen years with more joy than we could ever have imagined.

Happy Birthdy, Madi girl. We Love you.

Mom and Dad