A BEE-utiful Senior Session: albuquerque photographer

I have walked into cactus. I have fallen down a muddy hillside in the rain while trying to photograph an Oregon lighthouse. I’ve been bitten by at least 5,000 mosquitoes, but tonight was a first even for me.
While shooting Brooke’s senior session this evening, we were attacked by bees. Yes, bees. Where they came from, I still have no idea. As I was shooting the last image, Brooke cried out, “OWW!” She was bitten by something. I ran over, found the bee, and killed it between my hands, which apparently sent off some kind of “Bee Red Alert” because one after another, they started to attack. Brooked kicked off her high-heeled boots and we ran for the car. Once inside, there were two more, hiding in Brooke’s slippers that she had brought with her to the shoot. We were whacking bees like something out of a Hitchcock film.
Thank goodness neither of us were allergic, but I think our faces are now being distributed amongst the Bee Community as public enemy number 1. But, the session was nothing short of gorgeous and I can say with all certainty, that Brooke’s senior photographs are BEE-utiful.

Thanks, Brooke, for BEE-ing such a good sport.

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