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Happy Mother’s Day!

To the hand holders
the nose wipers
the boo boo kissers
the up all nighters with a sick child
the bath givers
the fixers of snacks for the classroom at the last minute because someone forgot to mention it earlier
the homework helpers
the hug givers
the cleaner of clothes
the GO TO BED sergeants
the teachers
the trusted confidantes
the givers of unconditional love…

To all the mothers this day and always.

You truly hold the future in your hands.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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It’s a Jeep Thing: albuquerque senior portraits

JEEP people are serious about their vehicles. I know about this firsthand, because I’m married to one of them. When Jeeps pass each other on the road the drivers give one another a little wave or nod of the head. It’s pretty amazing. And, as it has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions by the Jeep driver in my family, when you drive a Jeep, you may get lost, but you’ll never get stuck. When I met Ariel for her senior session, and saw her beautiful red Jeep, I wondered if she was in love with it as much my wife is with hers. The answer was a  “yes.”

Oh yeah…it’s definitely a Jeep Thing.

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Brothers: albuquerque family photographer

Brody is only 3 weeks old, so he doesn’t know a lot of things, yet; he doesn’t know how to walk or ride a bike or throw a football. But he will. And one of the things he will learn as he grows, is that he is blessed with an awesome older brother with whom he will, no doubt, go on many wonderful adventures. And, years from now, when Brody is a grown man, he will, hopefully, look back on this photograph, and realize his brother’s love has been there from the start.

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Man’s Best Friend: albuquerque photographer

He never judges you.

He doesn’t care what you look like or where you live or how much money you make.

No, none of that matters to him.

He sees right to the heart, and that’s really all he cares about.

He is a loyal life-long friend covered in fur and he is happiest when he’s by your side.

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